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Style: F210 - Anniston

Wholesale: $559.00
Retail: $1,269.00
(You save $710.00 )


Fabric: Jersey, English Net, Sheet Lace

Rush Available: Yes
4" Shorter Available: No
Hem lace Unattached Available: No
Size Chart: B

Additional Items:

  • Unbeaded Sheet lace $51 a yard
    • Y66125 - 57" wide
  • Unbeaded hem lace $15 a yard
    • CTB2166-1-R - 0.4" wide (with sequins)
    • CTB2185-R - 2.2" wide (with sequins)
    • CTB2186-R - 1" wide (with sequins)
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Wholesale: $559.00
Retail: $1,269.00
(You save $710.00 )

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