Inventory Lookup

The Inventory Lookup feature is used to search our entire inventory based on your color/size/date requirements. If you need inventory on a particular style, it is best to use the lookup function in the top right corner by entering and selecting the style and then scrolling to the bottom for the inventory grid.

The Date Needed By is a field used for searching inventory availability only and does not confirm your actual ship date.

Supply Constraint Surcharge

Aug 27th 2021

To our valued customers and team members —

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, mounting supply chain constraints are causing shipping costs to continually increase. Consequently, until this issue subsides, we will be implementing a surcharge to allregular 16-week delivery bridal gown ordersto defray any additional costs.

Timely production and delivery is of huge importance to us, and we know it’s of equal importance to your business as well. In order to continue offering our 16-week delivery, we must ship gowns by air. This costs an additional $50 USD ($65 CAD) per gown, which will be added to each gown ordered on a 16-week delivery for all new orders placed as of August 30, 2021.

Your brides’ budgets are a priority to you and to Allure Bridals, so we are simply charging the base freight cost; we certainly understand that you will have to do the same for your customers to offset the expense. However, we do ask that it not be marked up beyond our provided rate. The additional charge is what the market demands at the moment — but we want to keep our brides and stores happy by keeping the surcharge at a minimum!